Feb 14, 2014


Let me just start by saying this week has been WEIRD!
Last weekend was nice. We went on two walks around our neighborhood. It felt good to move although it was also a pretty big wake up call of how out of shape I am. I couldn't believe how SORE I was from WALKING. I have all of these grand dreams of running a 5K and half marathons and then I walk around our slightly hilly (is that a word?) neighborhood and I am DYING!

This was from walk number 1. I was feeling good about the number of calories I burned. The hubby and I took the babies and although Cory had to slow WAY down so that I could keep up, I pushed myself to go faster than I would have.
This was walk number 2. I walked the same distance in almost the same amount of time. However, obviously from my total calories burned, I didn't push myself as hard. I think this is partly because I was already sore from the previous walk and partly because I went by myself and wasn't trying to keep up with Mr. Freakishly Long Legs.
Sunday night we made the Sriracha Shrimp Fried Rice I blogged about it last post. First of all, who knew oil had so many calories?? We used white rice, soy sauce, and a fried rice seasoning packet. The shrimp were Kroger, already cooked, tail on, medium frozen shrimp. I popped the tails off and let them marinade in Sriracha in the fridge for about an hour. We heated them up in a skillet and then added them to the fried rice. IT WAS DELICIOUS!! I am SOO glad we tried this! Although it was a little pricy (calorie wise- 440 calories), it is a new staple for our house FO SHO!

Tuesday we started hearing reports of a Snowmegeddon heading our way. Although we did get some rain Tuesday, the real fun started on Wednesday. The temperatures dropped and we got iced in.

I think my hubby was the only person in GA that WANTED to grill out in that mess. I'm pretty thankful for that though because our turkey burgers were ON TIME. Glad that better weather is upon us though so I can get back to walking.
Today we are back to the grind. My days are totally messed up but I am glad I only have one more day of work until I can snuggle these cuties.


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