Jan 18, 2014

Who are you???

My name is Krystal. I am 25 years old. Wife to a wonderful husband, Cory. Mommy to 8 1/2 month old twin boys, Matthew and Malcolm. I work in the hair industry with a group of women that I absolutely adore. I am blessed beyond words to have the family that I have and the people in my life that make everyday worth living.

My hubby!

Matthew on the left, Malcolm on the right
(Yes we make beautiful babies, no I am not humble about this at all)

I am also very overweight. Like REALLY overweight.

 I would like to think that this is something that I don't allow to define me but it does. I have struggled with my weight for pretty much as long as I can remember. Up until the last year or so I have always viewed my issues with my weight as personal issues. Now that my two precious little men have stormed into my life, that has changed. I want to be healthy for them. I want to pick their beautiful, chunky butts up and not have to put them down because I am too out of shape to hold them for long. I want to live to see them graduate, to see them get married, to meet my grandchildren, and hopefully one day my great grandchildren.

My list of reasons why I want/ NEED to loose weight goes on and on. However, up until this point in my life, my list of why I can't/won't/don't freaking want to is obviously longer than my list of reasons and desires to JUST DO IT!

Loosing weight for me is not an option for myself anymore. I don't desire to be a size four. I desire to better myself for my family and the benefits that come along with that will only encourage me to keep going until I get to where I am HEALTHY.

SO here is the plan:
I am using My Fitness Pal to count calories. I am not happy with the amount of calories I am given when I am honest about my activity level. There is a reason I am the size that I am. I LOVE FOOD! So to eat (within reason) what I want I am exercising several days a week. No exercise, no extra calories. This is going to be a very long journey, if I'm being honest it already has been. I love the feature on MFP that allows your friends to see what you have eaten. That accountability has prevented me from many Snickers. Like every damn day. The purpose of this blog is to up that accountability. Even if no one ever reads it. I am putting my plan on the internet. And they can't put anything on the internet that's not true. (haha) But seriously....

So welcome to my journey. If anyone is even out there. Hello? (*echo echo echo*)

1st goal: Exercise 3 X/ week

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