Jan 24, 2014


So this week has been exhausting. The nasty cold has invaded my household. The babies are sick, they got us sick, and now we are all miserable. The funny thing about babies being sick is that they NEED sleep but they don't WANT to sleep. Therefore, although mommy and daddy need sleep they don't get any sleep.

They may not feel good but they sure are still cute.
Going home right now is a lot of work. From the moment I walk through the door till I lay down in bed I am going non stop. This is always the case even when the babies are not sick. Come home, watch boys till Cory gets home, cook dinner, bath time, bed time for the boys, dishes, and bed. When the babies are sick, all of those things still have to be done. The difference is that they are fussy and require a lot more attention and holding. My mom has been our saving grace this week. She has stayed with me until Cory gets home and introduced us all to essential oils which have helped a lot.
Needless to say, my goal of exercising three times this week has not happened. Although I have been  sticking to my calories for the most part, I am not able to put much brain power into what I am eating. Which I guess is ok as long as I am sticking to my calories.  Such is the life of a mom I am learning.

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