Apr 11, 2014

How oregano rocked my world...

What happens when you start complaining about how little time you have and how you just need a break? Life is like HA! Watch this. 

Almost two weeks ago now Matthew got sick. He woke up in the middle of the night with a fever and was pretty pitiful. This was the first time either of my boys have really been sick. I knew I was lucky for this to be my first time with a sick baby but now I REALLY get it. I took him to the doctor and he had double ear infections. It was awful. My happy boy was so pitiful.  We started him on amoxicillin and I expected him to recover quickly. He definitely didn't. 

The amoxicillin made his stomach hurt so bad he would just scream in pain. He wouldn't eat or drink anything which is not in his character. The boy loves to eat. I called the doctor several times over the next 5 days but they didn't want to see him again. They said it was a normal reaction to the antibiotic but my instincts said there was more to it. 

Day 5 of antibiotics and we were going crazy. We were sleep deprived and desperate for him to feel better. A few months ago my mom really got into essential oils and their health benefits. We were ready to try anything to get our baby better so we started putting oregano on the bottom of his feet. Oregano is a "hot" oil so we diluted it with coconut oil. 

The next day he was showing definite signs of improvement. He started feeling warm again a couple of times so a couple of days after starting the oil we started applying it more frequently. We also applied basil and lavender to the backs of his ears to help ease the pain.  

I am truly amazed by this oil. While I was skeptical of stopping the antibiotics, I'm so glad we did. Now he has his appetite back. He's smiling, playing, and thank God...eating. Wednesday we took him back to the doctor to have his ears rechecked. She said they were completely clear. 

From now on this will be me.....

I'm a believer. 

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