May 20, 2014

An Eventful Week

Happy Wednesday! Today I am happy to report that over the past week I have done exceptionally better with my eating. I have had few hiccups but nothing completely de-railing. I haven't weighed in because I am afraid if I do it may make me loose all motivation. Of course it may significantly increase my motivation but as of right now I think I am better off staying away from the scale at least until Friday.

I brought 12 ounces of deli meat with me to work today. I plan on making a sandwich three days this week. Friday, we are having a cookout at work so I know I will not be great then. I will try my best to not be terrible but I probably won't log my lunch in My Fitness Pal. We have a busy weekend planned. I have this Saturday off and we have a Dave Matthew's Band concert. My mom is taking the boys to the lake for the weekend so Cory and I will have Friday, Saturday, and part of Sunday kid free. I am very, very excited about all the plans we have and some of that does include the Vortex in Atlanta. Holy Moly that place is the bomb. If you've never been, you need to now. Between the cookout, The Vortex, and the concert....I don't plan on staying on track or feeling guilty for eating bad. I will be disappointed next Monday if I don't get right back on it. 

Here's to a short week, a long weekend, and DMB playing only the songs I love most.

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